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For the last 3 years the closest partner and the biggest representative of the studio in Moscow has been the museum New Hermitage – One.

New Hermitage – One

New Hermitage – One was founded in 1999. It combines the functions of a museum, an antiquarian gallery and an exhibition complex. Their collection consists of Russian art of XVIII–XX century. There are not only works of worldwide-known painters but also the ones by unrenowned but talented artists. There are also some engravings, lithographs, books and items of handicraft. All the works have undergone the expert authentication. The experts have been State Tretyakov Gallery, Academician Grabar Russian Art Restoration Center, State Research and Development Institute of Restoration.

The museum cooperates with Russian collectors and organizes unique public exhibitions, both private and state. That way the museum organized some exhibitions in association with historical and architectural museum New Jerusalem, Vologda Regional Art Gallery, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Some of them have been held to renown such outstanding Russian painters as Konstantin Gorbatov, Arkady Plastov, Sergey Kalmykov, Sergey Beklemishev, Vyacheslav Kalinin, Alexander Sitnikov, Irina Vitman and Alexandra Kolganova. The museum has also organized an exhibition from the collection by Mikhail Krasilin, a famous Russian expert and collector. The same exhibition has been held in the halls of Yaroslavl State Art Museum. At the request of some banks some of the pictures, which are kept in the museum, were exhibited during the meetings organized and held by the banks' top management.


On the 18th of February, 2010 in a branch of Pushkin State Museum (Arbat street, 55/32) there was held an exhibition A War Survivor by Vladimir Kiselyov. Vladimir Kiselyov is a talented painter and is also a friend of Arkady Plastov who survived the long and bloody time of The Great Patriotic War (1941–1945). The exhibition was organized with support of Moscow Government, Department of Culture, Central Administrative District and Pushkin State Museum in honor of the 65th anniversary of the victory in The Great Patriotic War.

Since the 11th of April till the 11th of May there was hedl Sergei Kalmykov's exhibition My Planet in Astana, Kazakhstan, which was organized by museum New Hermitage – One in association with the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazakh art gallery Has Sanat. Besides 70 works of art there was also a handwritten album that had been made in 1929 and was supposed to be presented to Alexander Lunacharsky, the current commissar of education of the USSR. Unfortunately, the gift hadn't been handled. Among the official guests of the vernissage there also were Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Kazakhstan Mikhail Bocharnikov, Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhanseit Tuymebayev and parliamentary deputy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tolegen Mukhamedjanov. The vernissage was opened with a concert, where the People's Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Janya Aubakirova and Nurzhamal Usenbayeva performed their routines; quintet Turan and bayan-player Nurtai Bekmoldinov, the students of the national Conservatory of Kazakhstan, were also part of the celebratory performance. The exhibition proved to be an important event in the cultural life of Russia and Kazakhstan.

On December, 19 the museum New Hermitage – One was among those who decorated the Hall of the State Council of the Russian Federation: the pictures were intentionally selected to suit the interior of the hall. Some pictures were also given to adorn the State Kremlin Palace on December, 28 2007 for celebrating the occasion of the Year 2008 with the President’s ceremonial reception. Some of the best people of our country had been invited to evaluate the high level of the paintings and the taste of the exposition designers.

On December, 17 2007 museum New Hermitage – One and The House of Children Public Organizations with the assistance of Public Relations Committee of Moscow organized an exhibition of children’s art photography Russian Folk Crafts. Children from every municipal district of Moscow region and Moscow itself took part in the event. There were 157 participants and almost 500 photos by the young artists. The youngest one was a girl aged 7, Maria Tarasova. Such well-known Moscow cultural and art personalities as Mikhail Krasilin (a manager of the authentication department of The State Research and Development Institute of Restoration, the President of critics’ and arts’ Section of Moscow Union of Artists), Svetlana Pozharskaya (a Distinguished Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, an executive secretary and a member of the board of Photographers’ Union of Russia), Alexander Plevako (a Distinguished Worker of Culture, a candidate of historical sciences, the President of the charity fund of conservation Vasily Vereshchagin’s Heritage) were also involved in the project whose partner was historical and architectural museum New Jerusalem headed by Natalia Abakumova.

In October 2007 museum New Hermitage – One in cooperation with the Office of the President of the Russian Federation federal state institution Production and Technical Union organized exhibition Russia: Known and Forgotten. The exhibition was dedicated to the Soviet and Russian art of the second part of XIX and XX centuries. Besides worldwide famous painters such as Joseph Krachkovsky, Alexander Gine, Yakov Brower, Witold Byalynitsky-Birulya, there were also some unrenowned but talented artists. The display included 76 works which were united by a single motif: a great love to the most valuable thing that is always deep in our hearts - our native country.

In November 2007 in Pushkin State Museum there was an exhibition Sergey Kalmykov. My Planet. The display (including over 70 works of art) mainly consisted of the paintings from the collection of New Hermitage – One as well as the ones belonging to Pushkin State Museum.

In February 2006 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin indorsed an idea of organizing an exhibition in summer in St Petersburg during G8 Summit. The contents of the exhibition was the works by Arkady Plastov. Arkady Plastov was a great Russian painter whose works are well-known throughout the world. The suggestion of organizing such an event was made by Sergey Morozov, the Governor of Ulyanovsk region, and the Union of Painters of St Petersburg. As a matter of urgency the family of the painter together with the gallery released two retrospective albums which mainly contained works by Arkady Plastov (1893-1972). The first one contained the best collection of Plastov's pictures published either in Russia or abroad. There were more than 300 works of pictorial and graphic arts.

The edition was the winner in the contest The Best Books of 2007 which was held by the Book Publishers Association. The album got nominated to The Best Illustrated Gift-Book.

In 2004 the gallery held the exhibition of a wonderful Russian painter Sergey Beklemishev who had created an inimitable interpretation of the terrestrial life of Christ. The event was the part of the cultural program of the XIII Christmas educational readings The School, the Family, the Church: Cooperation in the Name of Life and was also blessed by Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Alexy II. The exhibition was organized again in the showroom at The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in February, 2007. It went under the name Blessed be the One Who Becomes Closer to God and was coincided with a name-day celebration of His Holiness Alexis II, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

It is necessary to mention exhibition A Wildebeest which was organized in cooperation with Union of Photographers of Russia in 2004 and where some works of well-known photographers were displayed for the first time in our gallery. Among those photo-makers there were Alexander Rodchenko, Arkady Shaikhet, Boris Ignatovich, Michael Prekhner, Emmanuel Evzerihin, Georgy Lipskerov, Ivan Shagin, George Petrusov, Eugene Umnova, Valery Gende-Roth and writer Ilya Ilf. The topic of the exhibition was Soviet cars of 1920–1960ss and it was a dazzling success.

Education is one of the gallery's main aims. That is why the admission to the gallery's exhibitions and displays is always free of charge. Besides, the gallery is constantly involved in various charity affairs.

The gallery has its own publishing department. Possessing an outstanding collection of transparency slides, we carry out corporate image and executive orders. More and more attention is currently being paid by the major companies to their public representation, which may even include placing their brand images onto the stationary items the company uses, such as brand calendars, envelopes, gift bags etc. The best representation of the company may be a branded album of wonderful reproductions of painting, being a present to recognize an important partnership. Such prominent companies as Transneft, MDM-bank, Tatneft, Arbat-Prestige and many others have already appreciated our work.

Every exhibition held within the gallery walls is accompanied with a catalogue. At the same time, we are constantly working at our own publishing projects and the projects of our customers. We have published an album and a complete catalogue of Almetyevsk art gallery, Tatarstan. Moreover, we have been able to build an outstanding collection of books on art. We have issued the volumes devoted to the work and art of Sergey Kalmykov, Konstantin Gorbatov, Geliy Korzhev, Arkady Plastov, Yury Pantsyrev, Vasily Nechitaylo, Annamukhamed Zaripov.

In 2003 the gallery has published an album Konstantin Gorbatov. This is the first major issue of the works of a Russian painter, professor of St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, Konstantin Gorbatov (1876-1945), being widely known in Europe as a minstrel of Old Russia. The album contains about 200 of his graphics and paintings as well as some of the painter's personal archive materials, which have never been published before.

In 2004 we have issued a book Sergey Kalmykov. A Single Display Study which reveals and discovers for the major public the name of unheralded painter Sergey Kalmykov (1891–1967) who spent many years of his life in Kazakhstan. Being a student and a follower of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, in 1911 he once showed him his own sketch Red Horses which had been influenced it its style by his affection of works of Gericault and Delacroix. A year later, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin produced his most famous painting Bathing of a Red Horse in which the image of a boy riding the horse represents Sergey Kalmykov himself.

‘Sergey Kalmykov is the last world's futurist, being lost and abandoned in the world's vastness, but always being devoted to his own principles'. These words of art critic Valery Turchin have been published in the pre-word to the volume.

A unique issue named El Lisitsky. A Film of a Life was issued by the gallery in 2005. It is the first Russian language monograph of the life and work of a prominent painter of XX century Lazar Lisitsky (1890–1941), widely known as El Lisitsky. The authors of the monograph were art critic Alexander Kantsedikas and professor Zoe Yargina. All seven volumes of the monograph are placed in a single hand-made case. The edition was of 970 copies, 70 of which were personalized volumes. The book was exhibited in Frankfurt, Germany and was a great success. In April 2006 it was awarded the Gran Prix of The Art of Book-Making. Traditions and Innovations competition, the diploma of Ivan Fyodorov.

At request of our customers and friends the gallery produces unique (one volume only!) original greeting cards on various occasions: from the ones executed in a strictly official style to most humorous ones. Among those who were presented our cards we have heads of Russian regions, ministers and vice-ministers, the representatives of the Executive Personnel of the President of the Russian Federation, and the heads of major Russian companies. Having an access to our vast transparency slides collection and our designers' creativity, you can greet your colleagues, relatives and friends.

The museum gallery New Hermitage – One also deals with authentication of works of art in main state institutes and museums. We also advice collectors of art and books and deal with personal libraries. We can help create a collection that will not only be a family value but an effective investment in your future and the future of your children.

On demand of our clients our designers decorate offices and residential building. We can offer various types of collaboration: mini-expositions for the customers of a bank, thematic trade fairs, sponsored exhibitions. You can place your advertisement in our catalogues that accompany our expositions and are spread among our clients, which will substantially add to your customer base. If you or your clients are considering a respectable gift to your business partners, then what can be better than a wonderfully executed branded corporate volume with the president's pre-word! Our publishing department will meet your requirements in the shortest possible time.

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