Palekh icon-painting

Palekh is one of the centers of icon-painting. Creating masterpieces of icon-painting art, Palekh skilled workers have been bringing up sense of beauty in people for over three centuries. They believed it inspired harmony in people’s souls and helped to feel themselves a part of the Universe, for the spirituality is an essential part of Orthodox Christianity.

Many miracle-working icons were revealed in Palekh as well as in other parts of our country. A large number of icons that were considered miracle-working, had also been created here. Thus, it has formed the atmosphere that brought about their best in people and blessed the town they were living in. No wonder that Palekh churches remained undamaged during the destructive actions which were taken during the social crisis of 1917. The good fortune of icon-painters was that very miraculous power that saved our cultural monuments from a barbarous ideology which was not only destroying precious art but also the religion itself.

But the centenarian art of Palekh has not been ruined. It is supported and developed by a new generation of painters who unite themselves into studios. It is evident that Lopatin and Kuzmenko studio is the leader of them all. They create modern masterpieces relying on experience of old masters and following traditions and canons. The painters of the studio have an impressive experience in icon-and wall-painting. A specific feature of their work is that they always do it professionally and thoroughly. Besides working with gold paint and egg tempera they have mastered the technique of putting primer, embossing and vermeiling with natural leaf-gold. Iconographers successfully combine experience and skills of their predecessors with new solid and durable materials. They also restore frescos and icons. Any work is done quickly and skillfully using modern materials and following Palekh art traditions as well. But, certainly, customer’s wishes are always taken into account.